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Anyone can do good, we do great.

Just as your clients expect the best from you, you should demand the best from your partners. That’s why you choose us for your clients’ benefits communications, enrollment and voluntary benefits needs. The Greater Benefit we provide is always the highest level of service available. And, we’ll do that consistently, year after year.

Farmington Company

Benefit Cost Containment
& Employee Retention

At the end of the day, whether you’re an employer or a broker, you’re in the services business. Services are what you offer, whether to employees or clients. We’re also in the services business. What we offer, what truly differentiates us, are the customized communications and administrative services designed to create:

  • Greater Awareness
  • Greater Appreciation
  • Greater Understanding.
At The Farmington Company, we focus on two main service areas:
Communication Services and Voluntary Administration Services.
We’ve served thousands of clients and brokers and millions of enrollees over the years, and our offering to them has always been simple, “Let us show you the greater benefit.”

Communication Services


Onsite – One on one and face to face. Multiple locations and time zones are no problem.

Online – Proprietary enrollment software system utilized to enroll and communicate core and voluntary products provides daily electronic enrollment reporting

On Call – Our Employee Solution Center is staffed with licensed representatives for employee questions, claims, changes and applications

Employee Communication

Customized for employees and designed to create greater awareness, greater appreciation and greater understanding.

  • Benefit Booklets
  • Total Compensation Statements
  • Core Benefit Enrollments
  • Employee Surveys
  • Dependent Eligibility Audits
  • Data Cleansing
  • Benefit Enrollment Assistance through self-service training

Provides ongoing core and voluntary benefits communication/education for new hires. Our Customer Care Center acts as a dedicated benefits service center, complete with unique toll-free number. Benefit elections taken either through our proprietary enrollment system or an HRIS/Payroll system.

Our onboarding capabilities also extend to providing call reports/metrics to measure our dedicated team’s performance against established service standards.

Voluntary Administration Services

Dedicated Employee Call Center

Our fully staffed call center serves as a Client Service Center for existing participants, as well as an enrollment center for new enrollees.

Policy & Deduction Changes

All employee policy and deduction changes are made through our Client Services team. We communicate these changes to the individual voluntary benefits carriers to help ensure your employees’ data is accurate and reduce the potential for errors.

Single or Multiple Payroll Deduction Fields

Employees pay their voluntary benefit premiums through convenient payroll deductions. The deductions can be taken through single or multiple deduction fields, depending on your preference.

Multiple Product/Carrier Platforms

We have the flexibility to work with any number of insurance carriers and brokers in the market. The result is best-in-class products – leveraged by the combined purchasing power of your group and our entire client base.

Deduction and Billing Reconciliation

You will not receive a bill from a voluntary benefits carrier. All bills will be directed to us, and we will reconcile them to payroll deductions, resolve any discrepancies and remit payment to the individual carriers.

Assumption of Existing Voluntary Programs

We can assume the billing and customer service functions for standard list billed voluntary benefit programs that you may already offer to your employees.The results are more competitive products, less work for your Human Resources staff and greater employee satisfaction.

We’re solely focused on communicating and administering all benefit programs including voluntary plans. It’s what we do … and what we do best. We serve all of our clients with the goal of creating a voluntary benefits program with best-in-class products while providing an outstanding level of service. Making benefit plans Greater through enhanced communications and offering an array of voluntary benefits allows your clients to better understand what you offer, providing a custom-fit to their individual needs.

We impact the way employees feel about, understand and utilize their benefit options. How do we do it? It’s all in Benefits Communications. We take benefit plans and amplify their value in the eyes of the employees through Communication and Education. We make it easy to offer a comprehensive voluntary benefits program and enhance benefit communication efforts, often at no cost. In fact, our communication and administration services are unmatched in the industry and relieve our clients of the daily management of voluntary benefit programs.

We’re an independent organization. This means that we have the flexibility to work with any number of insurance carriers in the market. The result is best-in-class products – leveraged by the combined purchasing power of your group and our entire client base – for you and your clients Greater Benefit.