Full-service Payroll and Benefits

ebenefit Marketplace is proud to partner with Paycor to offer an easy-to-use, full-service solution that gives you immediate and secure access to all your payroll, HR, timekeeping and reporting information. Plus, you can manage all your payroll and HR tasks quickly and easily, whenever and wherever you choose.

If you ever have any questions or need help, you’ll have a dedicated payroll and HR specialist who knows you and your organization


Simplify Your Payroll and HR
with our All-in-one Solution

Paycor and ebenefit Marketplace offer cross-platform synchronization — serving a complete offering of cloud-based HR solutions. From the initial recruitment all the way until retirement, our efficient software solution integrates your HR, payroll and benefit administrations processes, all in one single database.

Our tools connect and streamline client interaction with features such as 360 integration between all systems. Together with Paycor we offer a variety of services and features to help you manage your employees, including:

  • HR & Benefits Administration
  • Payroll & Tax Compliance
  • Recruiting, Hiring & Onboarding
  • Time & Attendance Tracking
  • Reporting & Analytics

This means no more duplicate entry. Our partnership allows a platform that is designed to be exceedingly usable, while also being robust and feature-filled — enabling you to handle the complexities that come with managing a staff.

Get in and out of payroll fast with a system that’s easy to use. Everything you need to run payroll can be found on a single page. Make edits to employee information, calculate pay totals and save as you go. The system is designed to make things simple.

Fully Integrated

Our relationship with Paycor brings full and seamless integration with both our bswift and Employee Navigator platforms.


How do you stack up as a recruiter?

Is recruiting one of your current challenges? Do you know you need to grow your staff, but you’re not sure where to start with your recruiting efforts?

A small investment and simple changes can optimize your processes and take your recruiting to the next level.

Your own integrated careers page

Your careers page will look like a part of your own site, yet it will be hosted by Paycor. It will have everything a candidate will need to find and apply for available positions and it will feed all data into the same system.

Social media and job site integrations

Our solution will become your hub for job creation and postings. It is a single input source that then pushes your available positions to your company website, job sites, and social media channels.

E-Verify integration

E-Verify compares identification information with government records to ensure that each prospective employee is eligible for employment in the U.S.

Efficient approvals

There’s no need to sign into the system every time an action is required. Instead, hiring managers and executives can use email commands to change the status of candidates, capture interview feedback and approve jobs and offers.


Smarter background screening

Employment screening is a smart and easy way to protect your business by verifying information about your employees and prospective job candidates. It’s quick and easy to set up and provides options in regards to your search level. The results are easy-to-read reports that paint a clear picture of your potential hire.

Hiring process analytics

You can evaluate your hiring process and see what needs to change. Analytics will help shed light on the bottlenecks and locate where your best candidates are coming from.

Compliance peace of mind

Your data is recorded to keep you EEO/OFCCP compliant in case of an audit. Acting as insurance for your recruiting program, it automatically stores reasons for non-selection, flow logs, hire/offer logs, minimum qualification questions and more.

Automatic new hire filing

Paycor will file the correct paperwork with the state — so you can focus on welcoming your new recruit into the fold.


Electronic compliance documentation

Employees will fill out federal and state compliance forms such as an I-9 and W-4 online. When completed, notifications are sent to an administrator who can then review everything instantly.

Share company policies and handbooks online

Compliance documents such as social media policies and harassment policies can be uploaded, reviewed and acknowledged — before an employee’s first day on the job. You can then save documents directly to an employees profile electronically.

Reduce new hire administration

Employees complete their own new hire paperwork, including adding their personal, tax and direct deposit information. Administrators can review the information and create the employees record with just a few clicks.

Automatic product upgrades

Paycor is dedicated to releasing new product features and advanced functionality every quarter. These free releases will occur automatically and will not require any effort on your part.

  Compliance & Requirements

Tax filing and calculations

Your dedicated team will handle the processing for you, including: check printing, payroll tax filing, W-2 and 1099 processing and reporting—all while maintaining tax compliance.

Tax credit services

Save your business money with our Tax Credit Services — identifying and taking advantage of tax credits. With Paycor and our tax credit partner, TaxBreak, you have expertise on your side.

360-degree 401(k)

Our 401(k) Data Service offers true integration with leading 401(k) providers, allowing employee deferral elections and payroll totals to transfer seamlessly without you having to do anything. No matter your 401(k) provider, we can help you with everything you need to properly invest funds in employee accounts.

Electronic child support payment

Stay compliant with state requirements and simplify a complex and time-consuming process with our e-Child Support service.

Compliance support when you need it

Our team of experts focus on federal and state laws and regulations, so you don’t have to. You can even have a certified HR professional available to answer your difficult questions.

Workers’ compensation

Paycor can help you shop your existing workers’ comp policy to ensure you get the best deal. Plus, we’ll spread workers’ compensation expenses throughout the year. Premiums will be automatically deducted from payroll, saving you time, helping you manage cash flow and reducing the risk of a negative audit at the end of the year.

Tax notices

Worried about payroll tax compliance? Get a tax notice from the IRS? Don’t worry–send it to your dedicated Paycor client success team and they will handle it.

  Employee Support

Mobile support made for your people

Our Employee Mobile app allows your staff to view their pay information, request time off or even access an employee directory securely from their iOS or Android device.

Employee self-service

Save administrators from being plagued with HR questions and requests. Instead they’ll get a notification after employees login and update their personal contact, tax and direct deposit information.

Mobile access and entry

Paycor’s payroll solution is designed to work on a tablet or even your phone. No matter where you log in, or which device you are using, you will have the power to get your work done.

Online W-2s and pay stub history

Give employees online access to a rolling three years of history that includes check stubs, W-2s or 1099s.

One place to manage your people

With unlimited custom fields and a unified employee record, you can keep track of everything from names and addresses to uniform sizes and birthdays.

  Payroll Perfection

Our experts are there when you need them

Your client success team works with you to ensure everything is processed accurately — verifying check dates, ensuring taxable wages are calculated properly and checking for proper withholdings.

Proactive cash requirement reporting

Get a quick view of total payroll costs before it is run, ensuring you know the funds that will be deducted with each payrun.

General Ledger integration

We can provide you with a customized GL file that itemizes journal entries and can be easily imported into your accounting system.

Notifications help you avoid mistakes

Alerts catch anything out of the ordinary, such as pay-related changes or an employee without pay — helping you take care of problems before they occur.

Direct deposit

Enable employees to receive deposits more quickly than with paper checks. Plus our direct deposit service enables their payment to be automatically divided among different checking and savings accounts.

Additional payment options

Additional payment options, such as Paycards and Paycor Official Checks are available to your needs. Paycards are similar direct deposit account and are available to all employees — regardless of credit history. Paycor Official Checks offer secure and convenient checking using Paycor bank account and routing numbers.

Automatic product upgrades

Paycor is dedicated to releasing new product features and advanced functionality every quarter. These free releases will occur automatically and will not require any effort on your part.

 Time Savings

Manage by exception

All time card data updates when you run payroll. Dashboards help you easily identify employees approaching overtime, unapproved time cards and other alerts that require action.


Create recurring schedules in this intuitive system that will supply high-level overviews of coverage. You’ll have the ability to spot patterns, as well as holes that will help you solve problems before they happen.

Requests for time off

Employees can log into the system from their computer or their phone to view schedules, and request time off. Administrators can access balances of vacation days, sick days and PTO, review the schedule and then provide instant approval.

 Timely Reporting

Affordable Care Act reporting and tracking

The Affordable Care Act has numerous requirements that affect employers. You’ll have access to online reports to determine eligibility and affordability for health coverage.

Labor distribution tracking and reporting

Get clear-cut data on your labor costs. For example: discover which departments are being allocated the most labor or determine what capital is being spent on a per-location basis.

 Time and Attendance Tracking

Mobile punching

You can grant your employees the flexibility to clock in and out right from their mobile device.

Clocks for biometrics, badges and more

Choose from a variety of time collection options including badge terminals, telephone, biometric readers or web browser.


Standard labor and compensation reporting

Quick access to standard reports such as labor distribution, 401(k) and more will free up your time, so you can focus on valuable analysis and strategy.

Pre-built Affordable Care Act reporting

The Affordable Care Act has numerous requirements that affect employers. You’ll have access to online reports that will help to keep you compliant, including affordability and eligibility for health coverage.


Visual dashboards to view trends

Quickly generate meaningful insights from all of your employee data to see historical labor trends and predict future outcomes. Charts include average length of service, employees paid per month, and total compensation by month and by department.

Add formulas to predict growth and trends

Designed for customization, you can build your own calculated columns in this tool — using formulas you create, to deliver data that syncs up perfectly with your business needs.

Report scheduling

Create reports you like and then schedule them to run on autopilot. You can elect the reports you want to run, when you want them to happen and who should get the results (your CPA for instance). It will all happen automatically.

Cash requirements reporting

Get a quick view of total payroll costs before it is run. This enables you to go back, make adjustments and correct errors before it’s too late.


Employee engagement reporting

You can track employee birthdays, anniversaries and even your employees’ favorite type of ice cream. Report on this employee data at any time to keep your organization connected to its people.

Total compensation reporting

Give employees and new recruits a document that tells the whole story of their compensation. You can quickly pull together total compensation packages on an individual basis that include everything from health care costs, to gym memberships and parking.