Billing Reconciliation

Billing Reconciliation

Eliminate costly mistakes!

Let us provide the experts to help you!

Our qualified team members will review your monthly carrier invoice to ensure that eligibility status, effective dates, and premium bills are accurate. We will also provide all billing and enrollment issues identified during the process. Our billing reconciliation reduces the chance of overcharging and guarantees your employees have the correct coverage.

Since many carriers are using “pay as billed,” you run a substantial risk of loss if you’re not validating every debit and credit. If you have a high volume of changes, this is a very difficult and tedious process. Sometimes you are forced to use a series of spreadsheets just to track the monthly billing.

Let us save you time, money, and stress by providing our experts to manage this billing process.

How We Help:
  • Save on internal resources: Outsource your carrier billing reconciliation so your team can focus on more strategic HR and benefit initiatives
  • Reduce Costs: How much money could you be losing by not validating your changes or reconciling your monthly carrier bills? The lack of timely reconciliation and validation of carrier bills may prevent you from reclaiming credits due to carrier billing restrictions.
  • Leverage our integration: We simplify billing reconciliation by generating self-bills based on carrier wash rules. Our simplification includes plan eligibility and billing rules, such as cut-off dates and retroactive limits.
  • Minimize Risk: We provide a full listing of all added subscribers, subscription changes, and enrollee terminations based on our enrollment database.