FMLA Administration

FMLA Administration

Manage employee absences with confidence

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) guarantees employees the right to up to 12 workweeks of unpaid job-protected leave (annually) for specific medical and family-related reasons. With significant regulations and requirements, FMLA administration is time consuming, costly, and complicated. Our cutting-edge FMLA administration service helps employers limit risk, reduce workload, and save time.

Breaking Down the Numbers

Lost productivity through employee absences incurs a significant toll on employers. Net labor replacement costs, continuation of group health benefits, and administrative burdens also factor in to the high cost of FMLA compliance. The analysis below describes results of research on employees taking FMLA Leave: the average duration and the top qualifying reasons.

The findings:
  • 63.6% of employees are on continuous FMLA leave
  • 34.9% are on intermittent leave
  • 1.5% are on a reduced work schedule.

The average duration of leave: 14.2 days.

The top reasons for leave:
  • 64.1% of the time it’s due to employees’ own health conditions
  • 17% of the time it’s to provide care for a loved one
  • 9.1% of the time it’s due to pregnancy
  • 6.8% of the time it’s to care for a new child.
  • The remaining 3% was attributed to “other.”

We take away the worry of compliance with the complex and ever-changing regulations and deadlines related to FMLA, State Family Leaves, and Absence Management programs for large and small companies. We step forward and lead your employees through the maze while you maintain focus on the central tasks of running your business. Choose our services because our team professionally manages Employee Leave events before they become issues.

Working with us you will get:
  • Quick, accurate answers to tough FMLA questions
  • Readily available expertise and consultation for managers/supervisors
  • Consistent application of FMLA policies, a key requirement under the law
  • Expert consultation on the application of both federal and state leave laws
  • Online FMLA leave request and tracking of absences
  • Concurrent tracking of disability and worker’s compensation
  • Detailed weekly, monthly and quarterly leave reports