ACA File

Easy 6055 and 6056 Reporting

It is a daunting task for many employers to meet the ACA reporting requirements for the IRS. The data that you need resides in several places and the reports are complex to complete. Most applicable large employers (ALE’s) are looking for a practical method of collecting this information without soaking up resources. The ACA File system from ebenefit Marketplace (ebm) solves problems through an easy-to-use interface to help you manage this process. Our ACA File system provides an easy way to generate the required reporting without the same hassle and expense you might find with other systems.

How it Works:

Our ACA File system works with a Microsoft Excel workbook, which you can complete with employee data and benefits information. During the year, you only need to add new employees or indicate terminated employees. After year-end, we generate your 6055/6056 reporting. eFiling and fulfillment sent to the employee address are available for any size company.

  • Completes form 1094 & 1095 C
  • Completes Section III for self-funded plans
  • Calculates employee count monthly and # of forms for 1094 C
  • eFiling forms with IRS
  • Fulfillment to employee via USPS
Built-In Logic and Security
  • Determines Correct Indicator Codes
  • Streamlines Process
  • Reduces Errors
  • Assigns Correct Plan Effective Dates
  • Provides option to flush database after report is complete