Refer a client, get rewarded

Help ebm bring Better BenAdmin® to HR and benefits teams!
Receive 5% of the annual contract value for referrals that sign a contract with ebm in 2023.
Refer a client

How it works

  • 1
    Make a referral

    Submit the RFI Referral form to refer a client or prospect to ebm

  • 2
    Contract signed

    Earn $$$ for every referral that becomes a client. When they sign a contract with ebm for eligible solutions, you'll receive a referral fee equivalent to 5% of annualized revenue

  • 3
    Get paid

    Referral fee is paid out the month following receipt of payment for client's first invoice, and can be paid as either a Finder's Fee (we'll issue a payment directly to you or your organization), or Tech Subsidy (credited by the referrer to the client billing)

Eligible solutions

When you refer new business to the ebm pipeline with a minimum group size of 250 lives, you can receive a referral fee if a client signs up for the below services:
BenAdmin Platforms
Employee NavigatorEmployee Navigator
Bundled Services
COBRA AdministrationCOBRA Administration
Dependent Eligibility VerificationDependent Eligibility Verification
e3 Conciergee3 Concierge
Non-recurring Services*
OE-only EaseOE-only Ease
One-time Dependent AuditOne-time Dependent Audit

*$5k contract value minimum

Earn 5% referral fee

Refer a client or prospect today.

Details and exclusions: Valid for contracts signed through 12/31/2023. Only applies to new business in ebm’s pipeline. Does not apply to services added for existing clients. Services are considered Bundled when sold with a BenAdmin Platform and included in the contract. Referral fee does not apply to any other solutions or services not listed above, including but not limited to: Billing Reconciliation/Consolidated Billing services, EDI fees, Payroll Integration fees, eFile & Fulfillment fees, CDHP account fees, or any one-time fees for services rendered. Referral fee is equivalent to 5% of the anticipated 12-month revenue for eligible solutions, calculated based on the annualized amount of the client’s first invoice. There is one referral fee per client, and it is paid the month after first payment is received from client. There is no limit to the number of clients you can refer and get paid on.