Strategies to Promote Open Enrollment to Improve Employee Engagement

Open enrollment is a critical period for organizations, marking the time when employees can choose their benefits for the upcoming year. While it is a practical necessity, it is also a valuable opportunity for employers to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction. Effectively promoting open enrollment can not only streamline the benefits selection process but also contribute to a more engaged and informed workforce. In this article, we will explore several strategies to promote open enrollment and elevate employee engagement.

Early and clear communication

The foundation of successful open enrollment lies in clear and timely communication. Begin the communication process well in advance, providing employees with information about when open enrollment will occur, what changes to expect, and the importance of their participation. Utilize various communication channels such as email, intranet, and in-person meetings to ensure that the message reaches all employees.

Personalized communication

Recognize that employees have diverse needs and preferences. Tailor your communication to different segments of the workforce, considering factors such as age, family status, and job roles. Personalized communication demonstrates that the organization values each employee individually, increasing their likelihood of engaging with the open enrollment process.

Educational workshops and seminars

Host workshops or seminars to educate employees about the available benefits options. Provide detailed information about the different plans, coverage levels, and any changes from the previous year. Encourage employees to ask questions and seek clarification, fostering a sense of transparency and trust.

User-friendly technology

Simplify the open enrollment process by leveraging user-friendly technology. With the right functionality, BenAdmin systems can be a strong asset for employees while selecting their benefits. Having tools like glossaries, side-by-side plan comparisons, and educational videos help break down complex benefits terminology. Technology that’s optimized for mobile is important too – this allows employees to make critical benefits decisions with input from their families. Also, some BenAdmin systems include deep analytic tools that can calculate out-of-pocket expenses. Engaged employees are those that understand and feel confident about their benefits options, and decision support tools help close the gap in employee benefits literacy.

Highlight new or enhanced benefits

If there are new or improved benefits for the upcoming year, make sure to highlight them. Enthuse employees with positive changes, like an enhanced wellness program, additional health coverage options, or increased retirement contributions. This will generate excitement and encourage them to participate in open enrollment.

Incentives and rewards

Consider offering incentives or rewards to employees who actively engage in the open enrollment process. This could include small perks, recognition, or even entry into a raffle for a desirable prize. These incentives not only motivate employees to participate but also create a positive association with the benefits selection process.

Provide one-on-one support

Recognize that some employees may feel overwhelmed or confused during the open enrollment period. Offer one-on-one support through dedicated benefits counselors or HR representatives who can address individual concerns, answer questions, and guide employees in making informed choices.

Feedback mechanism

Create a feedback mechanism to gather insights from employees about their open enrollment experience. Use surveys or focus groups to understand their perspectives, identify areas for improvement, and make adjustments accordingly. Demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement reinforces the organization’s dedication to employee satisfaction.


Promoting open enrollment isn’t just about fulfilling a procedural requirement — it’s an opportunity to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction. Organizations can create a positive experience by using these strategies. This includes empowering employees with information about their benefits, fostering a culture of well-being, transparency, and mutual support. In doing so, organizations not only enhance the benefits experience at their organization but also contribute to a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

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