The Time to Get Your Clients on New Benefits Technology is Now

If you’re thinking about connecting clients to a better benefits technology solution, the time to act is right now. That may sound like a cheap attempt at getting your client to buy something, but that’s not the case. Here’s the truth — you really aren’t doing yourself any favors by waiting until Open Enrollment (OE) season to rollout new tech.

There’s many advantages to upgrading benefits technology. But when we think about new tech, we often only consider those advantages. New technology can only deliver a streamlined approach to benefits administration with a solid implementation plan. Part of which includes getting a platform up and running as early as possible.

Why you shouldn’t wait to implement new benefits technology

Waiting until OE season to implement new technology is not considered best practice for a few reasons. Here’s why:

Woes of the previous OE are still fresh

Although summer is underway and last OE season is well behind us, it’s still relevant to highlight how starting the technology conversation post-OE is important.

When employers come out of a poorly executed OE rollout, whatever went wrong is still fresh on their minds. This is an opportune time for brokers to address their clients’ pain points and deliver a best-fit solution.

Gives plenty of time to test new benefits technology

When an organization implements new technology early in the year, they’ll have plenty of time to test the system. The system can be tested with new hires and life events throughout the year to ensure it’s running smoothly.

Waiting until OE season to test a new system can lead to disaster. In a period where technology is crucial, the platform must be up and running correctly so that OE can be rolled out smoothly.

Allows time to plan for carrier connectivity

It’s common for carriers to have cutoff dates for EDI files during quarter 4. Carriers typically have their own standards regarding the timeframe for building files, required data transfer formats, and processes for open enrollment.

When implementing new technology, carrier connectivity should be prioritized during quarter 4. If technology is still being built out during the fourth quarter, employers run the risk of missing the cutoff date to send EDI files.

Train employees to use the system

Lastly, you’ll want employees to be familiar with the system before OE. Provide plenty of time for employees throughout the year to use the new platform will get them familiar with it. Come OE, employees should be well-versed in the new system so that they can easily enroll and access support tools. This helps avoid any slowdowns during an already hectic enrollment period.


Upgrading benefits technology before OE season is not just a strategic move but a necessary one. Implementing new technology early in the year offers numerous advantages that help ensure a seamless OE period later.

Waiting until OE to roll out a new system can lead to significant challenges, leading to an inefficient strategy. Proactive advisors can help their clients achieve a streamlined and efficient benefits administration experience by starting the tech conversation early. Acting sooner rather than later helps both your clients and their employees.

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