How to start the benefits technology conversation with prospects and clients

Most employers are used to hearing the same conversation year after year from their benefits consultants. You know, the conversation about saving money on health benefits, shopping carriers, and so on.

Helping clients offer a cost-effective, quality benefits package is absolutely important—but is it the conversation that’s going to help you attract and retain business?

Don’t be a “spreadsheeting” broker and have that same conversation everyone else is having. Change the narrative. In a room of people yelling, “Benefits savings!”, set yourself apart by saying something different. Starting the conversation around benefits technology will enable you to stand out from the pack.

Ask what’s working—and what isn’t—with their current BenAdmin solution

Benefits consultants need to get HR’s attention. And the go to strategy for most is talking about saving money on health benefits. Unfortunately, everyone else is also using the same strategy.

You have to show that you bring more value to the table and can help them holistically.  Look to uncover pain points by asking questions framed around their current BenAdmin processes:

  • How are you managing your employee benefits solutions and employee benefits communication today? Do you have a technology solution in place?
  • How are new hires/terminations/life events processed with your carriers? Is there manual work involved?
  • If you have a current tech solution in place, does it integrate with your payroll or HRIS? Is HR stuck performing duplicate data entry?
  • Is it easy to access your data?
  • Are employees using self-service? Do they have access to resources to help them understand their benefits? Or is HR bombarded with the same questions again and again?
  • Are you verifying eligibility of dependents when they enroll onto your health plan? When was the last time you performed a dependent audit?
  • How did your ACA filings go this year?

Navigate common client responses with technology-driven talking points

Benefits technology is a great way to stand out by helping solve those nagging pain points and delivering more value. Here’s how you can drive the technology conversation in some common situations.

“We do paper enrollments”

Yikes! We know it’s scary but—yes, there are still many employers out there relying on a paper-based system. These employers are in serious need of an upgrade to their benefits administration processes and you are in the position to guide them through that.

If this is a prospect, it’s possible their current broker might not be letting them know about the landscape of what’s available nowadays, and they don’t know what they’re missing. If their current broker is technology averse, it’s a great opportunity for you to win them over

If this is one of your existing clients, you need to act now.  Or you’re leaving the door open for another benefit consultant  to come in and pitch tech successfully because you never tried.

“We are having issues. We’re wasting time and manual labor.”

In this scenario, the employer is eager to hear how you’re going to solve these problems with technology. Chances are, you attracted a meeting in the first place by leading with the technology conversation.

Focus on their pain points and show them how you can solve them (and more) by offering the right platform.

“We have something in place, but we hate it.”

As a benefits consultant, this is your opportunity to save the day! The employer has opened the door by  acknowledging they’re ready for a new solution and you can step in to heal their pain. 

If you hear this from an existing client, let them know the other options that are available. Show them how you’ll bring them options to find the right technology to meet their needs.

Bring a benefits technology expert to the conversation

Some benefits consultants avoid the tech conversation because they simply aren’t familiar enough to feel confident. That’s where having a technology partner comes in. A benefits technology expert can help you identify gaps in an employer’s current tech (or lack of) and can bring new solutions to the table.

A benefits technology partner works in tandem with your team. By partnering with a tech expert, you can ensure that your clients hear about  solutions from you and your firm.

Stand out to employers with a tech-driven conversation

Don’t lose business because you aren’t ready to have the tech conversation. ebm is your dedicated technology partner. We’re your resource during these conversations and beyond to ensure you’re always delivering for your clients. You don’t have to be the tech expert—that’s what we’re here for.

Secure your BOR and grow your book of business with ebm as your benefits technology partner. Learn how partnering with us can help you attract, win, and retain business.

Remember: If you’re not talking to your clients about technology, someone else is.

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